Skull Lamp Make up team and the playful zombies of Lost Refuge - Sept 2014 Bony B - SFX, eyes by Sean George - Deathpoint shoot 2014 Aug 30 - Sean George prepares zombies for promo at Dundas Square zak2

Bony Fiddle is…

…hands-on creative artists who still dream of flying

At its more complicated, we’re writers and organisers and star-crossed artists in a variety of fields. One day we realised doing things that weren’t really up our alley for other people in our non-existent spare time was not a fun way to spend a weekend. Our interests are too artistic, eclectic and diverse for “normal”.

In 2006, we recognised that as a group, we already had all the skills others sought-out and it would be a whole lot less frustrating to do things our way.

So we did. And Bony Fiddle was born.

From our location in Toronto, Canada and through our collective O.C.D. power we consider it our divine mission to organise the world for those who can’t. No idea why, but there’s a lot of that going around. We’re good at it, so Bony Fiddle is at your disposal.

We have no small ideas. We write and promote screenplays and fiction and promote web and film productions and the occasional live performance experience. Being independent ourselves, we understand the frustration around the effort needed to get your stuff out there – it takes time and creative energy away from composition – so we champion indie artists and writers and indie film makers.

We help out local film crews and sometimes even film things ourselves when the mood strikes us. Sometimes, we make horror or fantasy themed art and props for others, mostly because we can. Some days? We apply SFX or zombie make-up or rent out our on-call zombie horde for film or events or pretty much any other crazy thing that strikes us. So ask us about what you need an artistic hand with. Chances are, we can figure it out for you.

Who we are has become our reality.

We are Bony Fiddle

Bony Fiddle Principals

Blair Mueller – Owner, Executive Producer, Director – multi-media artist, writer, FX and props, jack-of-all-trades-master-of-most

JD Stanley – Owner, Executive Producer, Writer – webmaster, social media, script doctor, herder of guinea pigs

Samantha Willison – Graphic Designer, Production Manager, Stage Manager – film editor, content writer, jewelry maker, knitter of hats

Sean George – FX Make-up Artist, Prop Artist, builder of things

Blair Mueller - Bony Fiddle Executive Producer/Owner     JD Stanley     Sam Willison - Bony Fiddle Production/Stage Manager     Sean George



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