Bony Fiddle Development – Temp Digs for Website and Stuff

by Sam Willison

Our film production company is in evolution. Have we mentioned that before?
It feels like staying in a hotel while our house is being renovated, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it comfortable. Have you checked out the improved Live site that only used to house the theatre component? Not quite what we have in mind for the entire film production company in the end, but more out of understanding everyone needs access to tools and information while we’re still working on the main site.

Through some group effort and creative thinking, it’s not half bad if we do say so ourselves.
You may or may not have seen the old site, but trust me, this one is vastly improved, and we’re glad no one has to look at the other one any more. There has been a collective exhale on our part.
eyes - smiley-681595_1280
Continued evolution and development will bring us to the new permanent home for the Bony Fiddle film production company site proper, but that vision is large (yeah, they all are), so is going to take some time.  In the meantime, all components are temporarily housed under our theatre “Live” division.  We didn’t want anyone to suffer any longer.  It’s just a whole lot easier on the eyes.  You’re welcome!
We’ve got a little bit of everything from theatre to zombie rentals to props to ticket sales to the blog and even a gallery of some shots from rehearsals, so a bit of this and that. Along with some logical navigation, you should be able to find everything you need. We hope!
Stay a while and browse.
Peruse the cast and crew pages, check out the calendar, read a little about how we got here, brush up on our current projects and maybe buy a ticket or two.

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