Bony Fiddle Development – Blog Has Been Migrated… Finally

by JD Stanley

While development of the corporate website for Bony Fiddle Entertainment continues, we’re pleased to announce the new blog is up and running – yay!

About bloody time, right?

Old articles have been successfully migrated off the old blog platform without any damage. Some have even been given a facelift and we’ve been sure to include lots of media in others. There were quite a few things we have so far not been able to share with everyone due to editing and access limitations with the old platform, but those days are gone. We’ll continue to populate the new blog, so there’s lots of interesting things for you to view and read about.
new Bony skull avatar up on the blog
The ever-talented Blair Mueller tackled a reboot of the company logo which now appears as the blog banner you see up top there – pretty cool, eh? He incorporated the new skull icon into it (even cooler) that he created from an image taken of the actual sculpted Bony Fiddle skull made by… you guessed it, Blair Mueller. Honestly? It’s sickening how multi-talented he is some days. I can barely stand him.

Love you, dude!

While we’re continuing with the reorganisation, can’t promise you there’ll be a tonne of blog posts just yet.  Don’t worry, we’re working up to it.  Anything comes up?  We’ll let you know.  Thanks for hanging in there!

Bony Fiddle Development – Film, SFX, Theatre Merge

by Blair Mueller

With this season’s stage shows now complete, we’ll continue forward with our development plans to solidify all our individual areas of interest. Most important, this includes focus on the film side – the beating heart of Bony Fiddle. Right now, the separate elements are sort of loosely associated by sheer will power and some gaffer tape. Time to roll up the sleeves and get back at it!
Our next appearance will be at the Toronto Zombie Walk and Halloween Parade where Bony Fiddle is a featured Krewe in the parade. We’ll be walking in style as the Addams Family – being a “family business” ourselves, we thought it appropriate. We’re all partial to the TO Zombie Walk, Halloween and the Addams Family, so what’s not to love, right? You can see us live (undead?) and in person on Saturday October 25, 2014. The parade is always a tonne of fun, so make some time to come check it out.
Our first two stage shows were two very different birds, but that’s the way we roll. We’ll continue to explore our versatility and on the theatre side in future, we’ll be bringing another very different story to the stage. Although it’s going to take quite a bit of work before we get close to making this one a reality, what we envision for a larger theatre production is one part drama, one part romance, a dash of horror, with large side order of… werewolf.
Yeah, that’s right. I said werewolf.

Terminator SFX

Could be the film background or love of SFX that’s driving us to tackle this challenge just so we can prove to ourselves we could do it, but seems like an awesome idea. We’re on a mission to do what no theatre production has done before (at least that we know about and trust me, we’ve looked!). We want to have a real live transformation from man to beast on stage, right before the audiences’ eyes. Seriously. I can see it in my head. No camera tricks, no sneakiness, just pure mechanics and SFX to the max. I know it can be done, we just have to figure it out.
Our amazing make-up team Sean George, Eleanor MacVeigh, and Eden Kontrimas are very excited to dive in and tackle this huge challenge and bring this beast to life. Get out your clay and sculpting tools, because for this, it’s go big or go home! We’ll be meeting about it next week to see what it would take. Going to be a few years in the making I think, but we’ll keep working on it in the background.
At our core we’re film makers, so lots of film development on the horizon going into the 2015 season and beyond. Our long-neglected YouTube channel will get some love and you’ll see fresh videos coming your way. So much goes on behind the scenes that’s out of your view, so we thought it would be cool to let you in on some of that, so you can see what we’re doing in the spaces between shows. Be sure to bookmark the Bony Fiddle YouTube channel and stay tuned.
We’re already talking about a web series and while we’re not sure where that will end up, I have a strong feeling this will be in the sci-fi genre. I’m sure Sean will be thrilled. Can you just hear this conversation? “Okay, so Sean add this to your to-do list – aliens, alien technology props, figure out another language to paint on everything that would have text and maybe can you whip up a space ship?” Just kidding. I really have no idea where that’s going at this point, but starting to narrow it down. We’ll let you know!
And of course, you know I love special effects, props and FX make-up for film myself from my FX channel, so according to plan, we’ll be rolling that into the Bony Fiddle company proper going into next year. Along with a website and blog overhaul, by the end of it, you’ll be able to find everything all in one place.
Stick around and see what happens!

Bony Fiddle Development – Temp Digs for Website and Stuff

by Sam Willison

Our film production company is in evolution. Have we mentioned that before?
It feels like staying in a hotel while our house is being renovated, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it comfortable. Have you checked out the improved Live site that only used to house the theatre component? Not quite what we have in mind for the entire film production company in the end, but more out of understanding everyone needs access to tools and information while we’re still working on the main site.

Through some group effort and creative thinking, it’s not half bad if we do say so ourselves.
You may or may not have seen the old site, but trust me, this one is vastly improved, and we’re glad no one has to look at the other one any more. There has been a collective exhale on our part.
eyes - smiley-681595_1280
Continued evolution and development will bring us to the new permanent home for the Bony Fiddle film production company site proper, but that vision is large (yeah, they all are), so is going to take some time.  In the meantime, all components are temporarily housed under our theatre “Live” division.  We didn’t want anyone to suffer any longer.  It’s just a whole lot easier on the eyes.  You’re welcome!
We’ve got a little bit of everything from theatre to zombie rentals to props to ticket sales to the blog and even a gallery of some shots from rehearsals, so a bit of this and that. Along with some logical navigation, you should be able to find everything you need. We hope!
Stay a while and browse.
Peruse the cast and crew pages, check out the calendar, read a little about how we got here, brush up on our current projects and maybe buy a ticket or two.

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