Shop ’til you drop… your camera

In having a look at the fundraising for indie film we started a few weeks ago, we decided it wasn’t easy enough for anyone to shop.  Personally, I love to shop online and I hate when it requires a lot of digging for links and clicking around – super annoying.  We figured the least we could do is present what we have to offer as we roll out the campaigns in a no-nonsense way.

So we created a Bony Fiddle Represent store.  Seemed like the easiest way to go at that. (*BF Represent store closed Dec 2023)

Bony Fiddle T-shirt - fundraising, support horror indie filmBony Fiddle T-shirt - fundraising, support sci-fi indie film


As each subsequent campaign is created over the coming weeks, we’ll add them to the store.  Once we get through all the genres, they’ll be some further film-related offerings (still working on those) which we’ll also add to the store for you, so they’ll be easy to find later.

Shop the Bony Fiddle Represent Store today and help us fund some awesome indie film productions.  They’re waiting on our help.

Shirts are created and shipped at the conclusion of each fundraising round (7 days each) and remember, we can’t print until the orders are in.  Hit the link today and reserve your order for a great tee.

You can feel great knowing that your contribution will help the indie film community.  Shop for you or a friend.  These high quality shirts last through the wash, feature the Bony Fiddle logo, and make good gifts for anyone who supports the arts.