Bony Fiddle Privacy Policy

Bony Fiddle’s Privacy Policy is to share our online information practices with you and this includes how we collect and may use your personally identifiable information (PII). This covers only the information collected through our website and does not apply to any other sites that may be linked to our site or that you may access through our site. Those are beyond our direct control. We would encourage you to read the Privacy Policy of any of those other parties for their practices on the information they may collect about you. We’re concerned about our privacy and yours and so do not knowingly partner with any other sites who we feel do not reflect our personal position on privacy and the collection of information.

We think everyone deserves control over their personal info – GDPR rules rock. Just sayin’.

Know that your personal information isn’t necessary for us to maintain our website, so we don’t require you to consent to sharing it with us. If you make a purchase, though, you would need to consent to sharing some personal info with our shopping partners for the purpose of making purchases.

Do you automatically collect electronic information about me?

Yes. When you visit our website we collect electronic information about your visit, but none of it can identify you. We can tell the type of browser, computer and web service you’re using to reach us. We also collect the time-stamp (date and time) and which pages you visit on our site and if you encountered any errors. Collecting this information helps us when we’re tweaking the overall site design and function to better suit how you use our website and to keep it working properly.

Do you collect and store personal information connected with purchases I make through the website?

No, we don’t collect it through our website. Yes, our connected shopping platforms do through the duration of your purchase. If you have an account with them and you’re logged into that account on that shopping platform while you make a purchase, they’re likely going to collect more.

When you make purchases through the Bony Fiddle “Shop” menu option, you’ll reach our store on This action is wholly initiated by you through choosing that menu option. We don’t require anyone to buy anything from us, but we’re happy when you do. When you make purchases through that third-party, it’s through an encrypted shopping cart designed for secure e-commerce transactions. Making purchases will capture your payment information through that portal while you’re shopping, so you can get to the end of your purchase without having to enter the info 20 times. When your purchase is complete, that platform keeps track of things like purchased items and dollar amounts for us, but we don’t keep profile or billing info used during purchases. We don’t need them. Beyond that, Bony Fiddle doesn’t keep personal or billing info collected through its third party shopping carts. However, that third party platform may keep some of your info for their own purposes, especially if you’re logged into an account with them, so we encourage you to read their Privacy Policy which you can find here: Privacy Policy

We don’t have one right now, so there’s no way for you to opt-in to any mailing list accidentally where we could collect your contact info. All good there. At whatever point we decide to put out a mailing list, if you don’t want us to keep your contact info, don’t sign up for the mailing list or use the unsubscribe link we’ll include for you in case you sign up by accident.

Do you use cookies or other tracking devices?

Yes.  A “cookie” is a small text file stored on your computer and makes it easy for you to move around our website, so you wouldn’t have to re-enter your name, password, preferences, and so forth. Since we don’t have accounts people need to sign into, none of that info is collected nor exists to collect.  On our site, we use a “session cookie” which doesn’t contain any information about you or your computer. This cookie expires when you close your browser.

Do you have information practices for children?

No, we don’t have information specifically for children on our website. We do expect that users of our website will be of legal age to make electronic purchases through the Bony Fiddle Zazzle store.

Sensitivity Note:  Due to zombie, fantasy, sci-fi or special FX content, some of the theatrical images and descriptions on our site could be frightening to children or to people of sensitive persuasions. This is the nature of a portion of our work. Horror, fantastic creatures, sci-fi and other out-of-the-ordinary genres and themes interest us and can sometimes be reflected in our work or through what we choose to promote from others.

Look… we sometimes like  “gross” or scary stuff and you’re going to see it when you visit us. We are not responsible for monitoring what you or your children may see while visiting our website or associated websites. It’s up to you if you want to look at it or not.

Do you share any of the information you collect online about me?

It depends. Bony Fiddle does not share or sell our subscription lists (because we don’t have one) and do not share or sell the electronic information we collect when you visit pages on the website with third parties. To our knowledge, this type of information is only stored within the secure environment of our hosting company and accessible by that company only [HostPapa] for maintenance over our website in partnership with ourselves. Our web hosing company is Canadian and they’re pretty cool. They’re even committed to purchasing 100% green renewable energy to power their data centres and web servers which we think is awesome.

Here’s their commitment to green webhosting if you’re interested.

Here’s HostPapa’s Privacy Policy if you want to give it a read.

We may share your blog subscription information with law enforcement agencies when required. We may or may not notify you if this happens depending on the circumstances, but these would be evaluated case-by-case.

If we had any mailing lists (which we don’t at this time) or if you subscribed to the blog, Bony Fiddle may also be compelled to share your subscription data with a third party under court order in our local jurisdiction as related to a lawsuit or other type of investigation. We can’t imagine how that would come about, but you never know. Our company is based in Toronto, Canada and the physical servers of the hosting company we use are on Canadian soil, so all content on those servers falls under Canadian privacy laws. This means, we must be compelled by subpoena in our local jurisdiction to divulge this type of account/subscription information. So, in case you’re worried about that sort of thing, know that the FBI can’t demand info or scrape the info out of the hosting account without anyone’s permission – it doesn’t work that way in Canada.

Beyond what’s noted here, we don’t share your collected data with any other parties for any other reasons. We’re just artists and not interested in that sort of thing. If that situation changes, we’ll update our Privacy Policy, so you’ll know about it.

If you have any questions about anything in our Privacy Policy, give us a shout:



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