Past Promo – Live performance

January 9, 2015
Live Music Show

April 4, 2015
Live Music Show

Nightingales+Vol+1 Nightingales+Vol+2

Nightingales Vol. 1

Maccie Paquette, Chris Tsujiuchi, Katie Pereira, Shayne Stolz, John Salib

Nightingales:  Undiscovered & Unplugged
promotion by Bony Fiddle, hosted by Johnny
Salib and featured original songs by emerging Toronto artists.

Nightingales Vol. 2

Jeremy Panda, Shannon Doherty, Edward Sayer, Peter Chadwick, Kevin Myles Wilson

Nightingales:  Undiscovered & Unplugged
promotion by Bony Fiddle, hosted by Johnny
Salib and featured original songs by emerging Toronto artists.


September 11 – 13, 2014
Double Bill Theatre Production

A Man of Two MindsWritten & Directed by:  Blair Mueller
Staring:  Ben Clifford, Andrew Burke, Natalie Babis, Shobha Hatte
Promotion by Bony Fiddle

A Man of Two Minds, a comedy about the troubles and awkwardness of discovering yourself, dating, and living with a semi-psychotic mother.

Casey is confused.  Living in his mother’s basement, he has always had girlfriends, but this time something is different.  This time he’s falling for a guy, and his over-bearing mother is appalled at the idea that he may not want a nice woman after all!

Casey has been seeing Veronica, a sweet woman, with what his mother pronounced as having Great Child Bearing Hips.  Everything is going as well as he could manage, until he met Jared.  It was the closest thing to love at first sight as he was going to get.  It was no question – Casey has to go on a date him.  In a hot mess of emotions, Casey accidentally plans his date with Jared at the same time, in the same restaurant, as his date with Veronica.  After a failed attempt to cancel with Veronica, a very unfortunate evening ensues where he works to juggle both dates at once.

In the end, he’s left with a life changing decision: does he like guys or girls?  He can only have one, and he has to decide now or lose both and be left with nothing.


Lost Refuge


Written & Directed by:  Blair Mueller
Staring:  Reece Presley, Samantha Levine
Promotion by Bony Fiddle

Lost Refuge is the dramatic story of a father and daughter as they struggle to survive during the beginning of the end.  They take refuge in an old barn to escape the undead, but the old board walls and doors can only last for so long.  After the tragic loss of his wife during a recent supply run, Richard faces the judgement of his daughter, Rebecca, whom until recently, hasn’t been a part of his life.  Past affairs tore their family apart, and Rebecca learns Richard is not the man her mother led her to believe he was.

Now, Richard battles guilt and his anger towards his late wife, Vivian, while he struggles to protect the one thing left he cares about most – his daughter.

Together, they discover a troubling truth: once bitten by the undead, the bite kills and reanimates you as one of “those things” that are destroying the world.




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